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Just Write!

If you would like to try something creative, then you might be interested in our creative writing journal.

Our book has more than 200 inspiring and varied prompts and with an idea on each lined page there is plenty of space to get started. 

It is priced at £9.99 and all profits raised from the sale of the book will be reinvested back into Sharing A Story CIC. You can also buy the Kindle version for £2.99.

It is available to buy on Amazon.      

5 * reviews!

"A brilliant way to get your creative buds to flow, lovely gift to give someone especially in this lockdown! Easy to use and space on each page to start writing. It is amazing how a prompt can take you to so many places in your mind. Great for all ages, from teens to elderly. I am enjoying working my way through and now use it daily!"

"Lovely book of prompts. Lots of varied cues to get you thinking. Would make a great gift. Perfect for anyone who enjoys writing."

"Great creative kick start for when inspiration deserts you! Not just applicable to creative writing could apply to any of the creative arts."


Our Little Book of Quotes

Words to Inspire Creativity

This book contains a collection of comforting and encouraging quotations to inspire you to put pen to paper!

With handy hints on how to get started with your writing, it has sections to inspire you with quotes about colours, seasons and nature, words about hope, quotes on empathy and kindness, love and self care and creativity.

Even just taking a few minutes to pause and read then write can be transformational and can help to alleviate stress and anxiety.

It is available on Amazon on Kindle for just £2.99



Did you know that we also offer life story books? How many times have you wished you could capture the story of your relatives or friends? Have you ever promised yourself that one day you would get them to write it all down? Perhaps you keep meaning to write your own book but can't quite find the time? This is where we can help. Our professional ghost-writer will help you share these stories in your very own book. Get in touch to find out more!